South Africa Lotto and Powerball – SA

south-africa-lottoSouth Africa Lotto – lottery results, game & prize information, jackpot details – see below. 6 main numbers are drawn, along with 1 additional bonus number, from numbers 1 to 52. The Lotto draw is held every Wednesday & Saturday at 9:00pm. Match a minimum of 3 numbers to win a prize, match all 6 main numbers to win the jackpot.

South Africa - Lotto

Draw Date 26/09/2020 19:00 GMT
Draw Result 3;7;18;21;27;42 + 50
Next Draw Date 30/09/2020 19:00 GMT
Next Draw Jackpot R 2.5 Million
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south-africa-powerballSouth Africa Powerball – lottery results, game & prize information, jackpot details – see below. 5 main numbers are drawn from 50 numbers, along with 1 Powerball drawn from a seperate barrel of 20 numbers. The Powerball draw is held every Tuesday & Friday at 9:00pm. Watch the draw live on Etv.

South Africa - Powerball

Draw Date 25/09/2020 19:00 GMT
Draw Result 2;17;18;27;37 + 4
Next Draw Date 29/09/2020 19:00 GMT
Next Draw Jackpot R 121 Million
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3 thoughts on “South Africa Lotto and Powerball – SA”

  1. i never won since 2003, on lottery gambling and im scared of maybe you might cheat on us… i was browsing on the site where by i saw a video, which shows fraud about your lottery gambling and i think maybe people may just want us to be scared or never pay attention on playing lottery. but i think i have to think twice before i bet lottery because i have may on reason why.. first is why i can win even with 4 number maybe plus bonus or powerball number the reason is you dont have a connection. then i asked myself again what connection?… and i answered my over and over because.. if their is a connection how can i know what numbers will be out and if im not honest i can tell a friend to bet the same numbers too then i share the money with him and the other with the people who put me on connection.

    my comment is im afraid to bet or play lottery

    • if afraid, simple, don’t play!
      or maybe just play a few games on best numbers you like for winning.
      good luck.

  2. I wish with the powerball with 5 numbers they should give the player R1,000 000 , it is hard to get 5 numbers anyway , you get so close to the jackpot , if i were manager i would had done it .


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